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I have had a lot to say about Instagram lately. I wake up early every morning before heading to the grind to watch and enjoy the people I follow and their Instagram daily stories. It is truly one of the greatest moments in my day. I love to see people travel, living daily life with little mishaps and achieving their goals. I mostly follow health, wellness, and yoga blogs so there is a theme to the stories I watch.

I often get to see some of my mentors, teachers, and friends living life to the max. Such as AcroBuddhas. They are always traveling and living to the maximum and its inspiring to see – maybe one day I can do the same.

There is also ‘Live’ on Instagram. This is instead of having a story already recorded, you are literally live. I have to give a shout out to my friend TattooedYogiMama (blog) who does the Pep Talk of the Day (PTOD) every morning. I enjoy it every time I can tune in. Since I am in animal care I often work early mornings, but anytime I can – seeing the PTOD puts a huge smile on my face.

I do have a problem however with a little bit of the standards grown throughout Instagram. Of course, I enjoy the hashtags “#yoga” for example. However, I find that it is affecting my personal practice and state of mind. I often worry about losing followers, how many people like this or that. When I don’t post a video or photo daily. If it isn’t about specifically yoga, I often lose 10-20 followers that day. If I make a great post with a nice background, lighting, and yoga flow, I often receive 20-30 followers that day.

I used to film my whole yoga practice and just pause and screenshot when I was in a pose that I thought would benefit the community. However, I found I was trying to “impress” I had my ego beside me, watching me. I couldn’t perform to my best ability – and I couldn’t get into the state of mind needed for a healthy, productive, yoga class. I stopped filming my yoga classes and started to focus within myself each practice and found I instantly had better yoga and wellness practices.

Therefore, I am trying each day to let go of that ego. I will take a photo, or a series of photos and post them as well as videos, but only when I am feeling up to it. I am not going to go out of my way to post perfect yoga poses.

This is where I am different from most ‘yoga stars’. I am not very well-known. I have some very influential friends in the yoga community but I don’t practice that way. I will post on my time – and I will make sure it is my best work, and I am at my best self. **I am not saying yoga stars do not do this** It is a full time job to be a yoga star on Instagram. I look up to all of them because they have made their lifestyle a trend – and a healthy one at that. They help thousands, even millions of people, everyday.

I have just past my 6 months of being hospital free – I have gotten into my career as pet groomer and I am climbing that latter daily. I work 5 hour shifts and with the other hours in my day, I am writing a personal novel, blogs, reading up on politics, calling my sister who lives across the country, going jogging with my dog, and spending time with my girlfriend, or simply relaxing! (being a groomer is more tiring than you would think!) I find it hard to find the time to put on nice clothes, cute costumes, or nothing at all and create magical photos.

I love my life because I am starting to live it again – After 3 years in a hospital bed, life is growing outside of that society in which I never thought I would be out of. I am extremely proud of myself for working, taking care of my wellness, taking my medication daily, practicing yoga, spending quality time with my family&friends, and taking the time to simply relax. It’s hard to go from sleeping 18hours a day to working at 5am.

In short – live your life in whatever way makes you reach your greatest potential. Creating a culture online may be your potential, but it’s OK if simply functioning in daily life is your greatest potential.

With love,






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