I have wanted to write about my involvement with the LGBTQ community for a while now. I completely love the community and how accepting people in the community are. I live just off Church Street in Toronto, so I live next to about 30 gay bars, and clubs. I often see same-sex couples, transgendered couples, drag queens, and more on the daily. I love it so much, people expressing themselves and being confident about it. It’s beautiful.


As for my “transition” I am Gender Queer. This means I personally use any pronouns. Feel free to call me he, she, they, them, anything. I’m really cool with anything. However I am very fluid, if someone you know is Gender Queer please respect their pronouns. I am only attracted to my biological gender (female). Many people mistake this as me being a lesbian. I identify as a lesbian sometimes, but I prefer to be identified as Gender Queer.


I welcome questions about my sexuality I am very open. However, I want people to use the same respect I have for them to myself. I have been told that my gender doesn’t exist, I’m “living a lie”, and I’ve been called it. I respect people who as me about my sexuality, I think there is nothing to be ashamed of everyone is different and gender is a fluid scale. I do not appreciate when people are malicious or look down on the LGBTQ community. If you have questions, ask. But, if you are going to be mean and rude about it, don’t.



My transition photo is something I have mixed feelings about. I identify as both genders, however I often go by an androgynous. When I first started transitioning, I had literal nightmares my hair would grow, I never painted my nails, or wore makeup, no bras, binders, -trigger warning- I cut my breasts because I hated them so much. My personality was very depressed; I tried lowering my voice and hated myself so much. Now, it’s a little different, I wear nail polish (only black and always short), I don’t wear makeup, and I wear sports bras. My personality now, I welcome both genders, I mean hey, who doesn’t like gossip? However, I’m very sarcastic, I’m always walking with my pelvis forward, and I judge no one.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 6.42.20 PM

Embrace who you are and enjoy your life! Because honestly, that’s all that matters-your happiness.


Stay colourful,




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