Can Cashews “Cure” Depression?

I take medicine that allows me to eat proper meals without having an upset stomach afterwards, I take meds that increase levels of SSRI in my brain. My brain scan is like a rainbow. I have many different colours, many different problems and it can be scary. So, I take medication that allows me to see in the sun and walk outside, I take them to avoid excessive sweating, shakiness, trembling, migraines, cuts, burns, and scars, a usual running bloody nose, constant weakness, and the 1 in 10 chance I will die. This pill helps me do all of that but I have people at every corner telling me I don’t need them, or have been on them for too long, the doctors are “crazy” to put me on such a high dose. They tell me they are aphrodisiacs, it’s fake.

-disclaimer, I am only talking about prozac-



I saw this and did a little background research. David Wolfe believes that if you eat enough cashews in a day it can ultimatly cure your depression due to Niacin. There is a video I have attached for you to see what they are talking about but don’t get attached because there are multiple scams in this video.


Andrew Saul describes a severely depressed woman. He says she was under the care of a psychiatrist. The family wondered about nutrition, 3000mg of Niacin a day can help depression but some people need much more 11,900mg of Niacin a day and she was “recovered”. The trained psychiatrist told her to stop eating cashews because of the amount and how dangerous it can be. She went back into “the corner”.


Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors (MDs) despite the popular belief they are only trained in the mental health sector. They graduate from medical school and have a 3-year residency. The fact that this doctor said it could be dangerous should not be pushed aside because he is a psychiatrist. He is a medical professional. If a General Practitioner told her to stop eating cashews because of the amount of fat in them, she’d probably set them down.


Andrew Saul believes this woman could not eat because she was so depressed. She was under the care of family. If she could not eat because of her depression, she was likely consuming 700 calories a day in liquids depending on her height and weight. It is the lowest number of calories to function. However, if this woman were “severely ill” her mind would not want to eat the cashews. She would feel lack of energy, lack of interest, and she could suffer nausea. If she started eating 86 cups of cashews a day this could cause, vomiting, skin flushing with dizziness, fainting, pounding heartbeat, a grayish stool color, skin itching or rash, severe stomach pain, muscle pain, yellow eyes, and more.


I am not one to name off side effects and say “stay away!” if the benefit of whatever you are eating or taking has side effects but the benefit from it is higher then I believe you should be doing it. However, 86 cups of cashews a day is not healthy. That is 2,975 grams of fat a day. If prescribed then go ahead but if not please take caution.


The purpose of this article is not to shame anyone; it’s not to say don’t eat cashews or don’t take meds. It’s simply to inform that medication is not a “crutch” or “unnecessary” for serious patients with mental illness. 21.3% of Canadians have some sort of mental illness, 4.5 million Canadians have depression.


Depression is on par with smoking as a predictor of mortality.


Please listen to your doctors, nurses, and staff. But, most important, listen to your body, mind and self. You know what is best for you. The doctors can give you medications but you know if you need to be moditored, if it works, if the side effects are too much, etc. You must advocate for yourself to get the best treatment.


And maybe just have a 1 tblsp of cashews once in a while 😉


With love,




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